Invest in “One Target for All.”

Take action to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of your community. Commit to helping meet the global average source-energy demand of 2000 watts per capita and cap greenhouse gas emissions at 500 watts of fossil-fuel-based energy or 1 ton of CO2 by 2050.

Invest $100 now to become an official WorldHolder and:

  1. Be a member of your local WorldHolder Action Group, joining together to receive a customized Carbon Framework Plan that documents current conditions and benchmarks local energy and climate-change actions
  2. Share your voice using the 2000-Watt Society framework to launch innovative projects, services and products in your community.
  3. Be part of an international network for holistic thinking and action to achieve a livable carbon-neutral future for all.
  4. Receive ongoing education about standards, guidelines and tools to measure and implement a 2000-Watt Society lifestyle, one that more than 500 cities throughout the world are using.

What else can I do?

Promote that you’re a WorldHolder through your personal and online social networks, including ours:

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Your family and friends are probably already doing something or want to do something about climate change. Encourage them to become WorldHolders, sign up for our newsletter and stay updated on WorldHolders at work in Minneapolis, MN: