Why Should We Use Energy and Resources Efficiently?

A clear plan is needed so that a focused investment can be made that will dramatically lower local and personal dependency on energy, leading to improved local resiliency.

Local action leveraging a global framework.

Climate change is expected to have significant economic impacts and is generating the short-term need for sizeable investments in infrastructure, mitigation and preparedness projects. At the same time, the prioritization of such large investment needs is very complex and fraught with a number of implementation challenges. In addition, recent financial crises and political uncertainty has left federal, state and particularly municipal governments in fiscal limbo with very little room to tackle the necessary investments to achieve de-carbonization in the real estate, transportation and public infrastructure sectors.


When local communities leverage the proven, measurable and actionable 2000-Watt Society model to develop and implement a customized Carbon Framework Plan, it results in strengthened competitiveness and provides opportunities for local job growth through innovation and local investment.

At a global level, such communities become part of an international network for holistic thinking and action to achieve a livable and enjoyable carbon-neutral future for all.

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