Support the positive impact of the 2000-Watt Society through public outreach, education, and motivation for change.

Focus on private and public developments in the realm of buildings, mobility and industry.

A Grass-Roots Approach

While measured on a per-capita basis, the vision of the 2000-Watt Society is not exclusively aimed at individuals. Its key audience is focused on four areas as the graphic shows: Cities & Communities, the Built Environment, Institutions & Corporations and Individuals.

Each of these entities impacts different levels of activity including Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility, Buildings, Goods + Services, Recreational Activities, and as such, can pro-actively give rise to specific programs within each context.

A multitude of 2000-Watt Society pilot projects demonstrate its technical feasibility and ability to integrate the above entities into a single plan with a single target. More than 500 cities and regions throughout the world are working toward implementation since 2001, in fact, many such projects are completed and have successfully demonstrated how 2000 watts of continuous source energy per capita can meet resource needs.

Continued successful implementation of the framework relies on expansion and development of new opportunities. Key areas of focus are advancements in energy efficiency, increased development of renewable energies, and overall harmony with society.

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